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by Cloudchord

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Drawings doodles Ramen noodles Smokin' Rollie’s Sayin toodles To the police Hopin fences Doin burners On abandoned churches Lookin for my purpose I ain’t perfect But I’m workin' Harder than all of them All of the time Couldn’t fall in to line Pardon my lateness My path look like a snake's that's Been tied into ten knots Hard to follow like 10 plots Missed 9 outa 10 shots But I hit one As long as we get the W It’s all good Still strivin' to be a better man Tryin to lay off the medicine Stressing over some Benjamin’s Less aggressive my temper bad Be a little more sensitive Take a breath give it space I try to learn what the lesson is I’m just marinatin' in the starlight See the constellations on a dark night When I look up into space I can lose my place In time But I know this fight Is so far from done Could you guide All the way back home
This cloud gon' pass This fog won’t last This time don't stop for no one No time to stop for no one Always on the clock ya Hopin that the sky clear soon Hopin that the tide calm Hopin that my mind calm This storm can’t last forever No storm that can’t be weathered This storm can’t last forever Hard to still Everything in motion What’s all the commotion What's your motivation Do you have the patience To wait out the storm? Nothing last forever Just wait til it’s gone We all so scared to be solo On our own Mind running wild Can’t control where it’s goin They say the problems of the worlds stem people's inability to sit quietly in a room all alone We all so connected But if it don’t affect us Then we don’t pay attention Have trouble disconnecting Everybody restless Forgot to learn the lesson It seem like our vision is clouded If this won’t do it Nothing gonna ground us Here’s to hoping that the sky clears up soon and we all use the light to show some love to Everything that’s around us Everyday is different So many ups and downs Goin round and round Ain’t the circle vicious Everybody talkin' round each other Dizzy Nobody wanna listen I’m switchin my mission my vows Commitment been lackin', head been in the clouds The clearing, is nearing I’m here in the Now Look up a the sky feel the rain coming down
Watup lil' mama how u livin' I was thinking we could runaway Get up off the grid it kinda Feels like we escaped the maze Days come and go I just wanna take 'em slow Find a place where the time stand still We could grow oh Old man prob just sitting on the dock Watch the day pass by Kick it wit my fishing rod A cooler by my side Got my doggies in the yard My baby in the crib and my lady Makin art No amount of money could buy me what I desire No amount of fame could provide me what I require No drug I can take that equate to feelin' inspired And No amount of pain could erase what you provided Hey baby just know that they gon' call us crazy Got no expectations Owe no explanations 'Cause people tend to judge If they don’t get your motivations Got too much of everything But no imagination Over-saturation Trying practice patience In a crazy world Think we mighta broke the simulation But maybe that’s the point Sits back and hits the joint Watch the world in wonder Til I enter into the void No amount of money could buy me what I desire No amount of fame could provide me what I require No drug I can take that equate to feelin' inspired And No amount of pain could erase what you provided
When the sun don’t reach your window When you're walkin' up against the wind blowin' When you're stepping thru the mud That’s a place to fall in love With the world Been a while since I seen a sunny day But in a funny way I feel okay See all of the colors in gray When the windows framed wit paine Your view is hard to change The weeks blend together The beauty starts to fade I dunno What the way out is I just know Everyday I live Like it’s a gift cause it is As of late it might not seem like that But you can’t have light without the shadows it castes The sand started sinking No branch to reach for Life’s too precious Lessons we should teach more Beauty can't grow until you dig the weeds out Some blend in so good you can’t see them No breath left to give The wound too deep Sometimes I lose faith It seem too steep Lost my voice at times it feels too weak But Ima keep screaming Until I stop breathing


released October 23, 2020


all rights reserved



Cloudchord Austin, Texas

Cloudchord (Derek VanScoten) is a producer, guitarist, and genre bending specialist that is augmenting musical possibility into reality with his remarkable technical skills. His refreshing takes on atmospheric dance music have solidified his place in the world of psychedelic chill hop beats. ... more


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